New Shows from Occupy Boston TV

Two brand new episodes of Occupy Boston Live, produced by and  featuring Occupy Boston Activists!

This week’s shows include Cherie K. from Housing Crisis Working Group and Ben and Nicole of the Street Working Group.

Cherie K. visits Occupy Boston Live to discuss the critical work of Housing Crisis Working Group of Occupy Boston.

Nicole and Ben visit Occupy Boston Live and talk about the Street Working Group of Occupy Boston.

Occupy Boston TV is a working group of Occupy Boston that produces talk shows on a variety of topics related to Occupy Boston. Occupy Boston TV is also in the process of making a couple of short documentaries related to the Occupy Movement, and is in the process of writing short street theater/action related videos which they plan to produce this winter. Currently there is not a regular scheduled Work Group meeting, but Occupy Boston TV can be contacted through or through our group:

Anyone is welcome to join Occupy Boston TV. No previous television experience is necessary, and training and resources are provided. Occupy Boston TV is taping their next show on January 14th from 3-5pm at Brookline Access TV; for more info on participating in that show, email

For Occupy Live Studio TV shows and more videos visit Occupy Boston’s Youtube channel.

Occupy Boston TV shows can also be downloaded from Occupy Boston at for airing on local cable stations.