Occupy Boston Eviction Liveblog

9:56 am: Come show arrestees from raid love when they’re released: 10:30 am at 650 Harrison Ave (men) and 101 W Broadway S (women), both in Boston.

7:14 am: Traffic resumed on Atlantic and Constitution Aves. Small group or protestors still outside South Station. Dewey Square still barricaded and surrounded by police officers. Front-loader clearing remaining tents from square.

6:35 am: Intersection of Atlantic Ave and Constitution Ave shut down by Boston Police Department. Occupy Boston protestors amassing outside South Station.

6:34 am: All male prisoners are being taken to B4. All female prisoners being taken to C6.

6:20 am: Confirmed: Long Range Audio Device (LRAD) in back of Boston Police Department truck at Occupy Boston raid now.

6:15 am: Dewey Square completely barricaded. All protestors cleared and arrested. Bulldozers moving in to clear tents.

5:57 am: Boston Police Department are shining flashlights into video cameras to prevent them from filming.

5:55 am: Livestreamer just arrested. That leave stream has ended. Another liverstreamer is on site, further from GA area.

5:50 am: Occupiers singing “Solidarity Forever” while waiting for their arrest.

5:48 am: Veteran about to be arrested at Occupy Boston: “I took an oath to defend the constitution and here I am.”

5:01 am: Occupy Boston is being evicted RIGHT NOW.

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