Why We Have Occupied Dewey Square

We have occupied Dewey Square because Wall Street has occupied our government, broken our economic system, divided our country, and negatively impacted our lives for far too long. Occupation is a single tactic, but its significance is much greater than that.

By creating this public space dedicated to political discourse, we have created a social destination where anyone can become an activist. What starts as a visit to satisfy curiosity can end by participating in the decision making process of an entire community. What starts as the desire to hear a public speaker can end in the commitment to meet regularly to advocate around critical issues. This is what has grown the Occupy Movement across the country and here in Massachusetts.

Not only does this act of protesting in a physical space 24 hours a day deepen our engagement with Occupy Boston and the Occupy Movement; it also connects us with the ecosystem of community organizations whose activities predate our own. As individuals whose lives have been effected by economic injustice, we begin to see ourselves as part of a much bigger picture. Our stories gain new life as we connect them with the stories of others. In that sense, Dewey Square has become a point of outreach for a much larger movement. What starts as a passing interest can become a lifelong commitment to social and economic justice.

We have occupied Dewey Square because we have joined a movement to change the world. You can’t evict an idea.