Join Occupy Boston in Protecting Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly at Dewey Square

On November 16th Occupy Boston appealed to the courts to protect our right to maintain our tent city.  During the first hearing on the 16th Occupy Boston won a temporary injunction banning the city police from evicting the camp. “Given what is happening nationally, with municipalities shutting the protests down, it seemed important to seek the intervention of a court before the same thing happened in Boston,” said Howard Cooper, a lawyer representing the protesters, as quoted by

However, despite a court run mediation session, where 3 people from Occupy Boston and the city officials met to discuss possible solutions, there is now a final hearing planned for Thursday, December 1st at Suffolk County Superior Court, 3 Pemberton Square #13, Boston. This final meeting will determine whether or not the Occupy Boston presence in Dewey Square is in fact protected under the first amendment, and spells the final legal decision passed down by the state courts, and could result in the court required removal of our protest here in Boston.

Dewey Square is on state owned land overseen by the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  We see it as Free Speech Issue, closing down the encampment at Dewey Square means closing down free speech on public land. We hope that all of those getting this invitation will come down to Suffolk County Superior Courthouse in support of Occupy Boston.  We are asking for our supporters be at the courthouse at 8:30 AM for a 9:00 hearing.  If you are planning to be outside, feel free to have polite signs and please remember to dress warmly.  Signs are not allowed in the courthouse, and we ask you to refrain from bringing them inside.

What to do: Join us Thursday, Dec 1st at Suffolk County Superior Court, 3 Pemberton Square #13, Boston at 8:30 AM (hearing starts at 9:00 AM)

Bring your Occupy Boston Buttons and T-shirts to show your support!

We Also Need You to Call this Wednesday to Protect the Right to Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly at Dewey Square

How you can help – Please make two phone calls:


CALL MAYOR MENINO’S OFFICE: 617.635.4500 or email  or

CALL YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS: (Dewey Square is on state owned land) To find your legislator’s phone and/or email addresses go to

WHO:  All of us and everyone who has visited, donated food, taught a Free School University, taken a yoga class, Facebook friends, Twitter followers or gone to the General Assembly CALL on WEDNESDAY

Use Your Own Words Or This Call Script To The Mayor and Legislators

Hello, My name is_______________.  I am from  ______________.  I am a taxpayer and a voter and I’m calling in support of Occupy Boston’s right to remain in Dewey Square.

Please protect Occupy Boston’s First Amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly on public land and do not to evict them.

Please be respectful when making these calls, and understand that you may be asked to give out your address and other identifying information.

Thank you for your help,
Occupy Boston

Photo by Gunner