Occupy Harvard Rally to Defend Freedom of Speech with Christopher Hedges

Christopher Hedgeshttp://www.facebook.com/events/323715837642347/

On Friday, November 18, 2011, peaceful protestors at Davis were
systematically pepper sprayed by the university police force. In an
enormous GA on Tuesday, November 22, they called for a general strike
on all UC campuses. They will attempt to disrupt the meeting of the
provosts of the University of California.

We will stand in solidarity with them.


Monday 11/28 Schedule of Events

3:30 pm: Rally in support of University of California student strike! Meet in front of Science Center.

5:00 pm: Chris Hedges addresses Occupy Harvard! He will first come through the Yard, then head over to the Science Center to speak to those who can’t get in. (At 6:00 pm, he will give a talk entitled Death of the Liberal Class at Yenching Auditorium: http://mahindrahumanities.fas.harvard.edu/?q=node/341.)

6:00 pm: Occupy Harvard General Assembly. Meet at Johnston Gate.

Later: Chris Hedges returns to the Occupy Harvard encampment to embed for the night!