Artist Brings Democracy To Walls of Occupy Boston

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 26, 2011

Visitors to the Occupy Boston site at Dewey Square this weekend can take part in building democracy through art. Brookline artist, David Stokle, will be on site all day Saturday and until 3pm on Sunday to assist people with the completion of the last of five “bookshelf signs,” works of art that voice support for the preservation and maintenance of the nation’s public libraries.

All are invited to help complete the interactive piece by writing short phrases expressing their wants, needs, hopes and ideas for the Occupy Movement. These will appear as book titles on  the Bookshelf of Occupy Movement Ideas. A table and writing material will be available. “One word of advice,” says Stokle. “Less is often more. For instance, ‘COPY SWEDEN’ speaks volumes.”

The bookshelf signs are three-dimensional, multi-media works produced on 60 x 40 inch canvases. They incorporate real books, as well as a Monopoly board and a woodcut of McDonald’s golden arches on which a McDonald’s Barbie doll is crucified. The four already-completed signs contain messages of support for the Public Library System, whose budget has been severely compromised in recent years. The fifth bookshelf is a democratic platform for free expression. “You can view the open bookshelf of ideas dialog much like the act of voting,” says Stokle. “Voting is a democratic right, and you either exercise it or you don’t. My hope is that people will enjoy interacting with this piece and that they will use it to express their views and ideas.”

When asked why he included a copy of Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior on one of the bookshelves, Stokle responded: “Bill’s always defending the US Constitution and our first amendment right of freedom of speech. How could I possibly leave him out? And, as the author of several books, it is only logical to assume he would want to contribute to the Bookshelf of Ideas and voice his support for our public libraries. Everyone is invited.”

Picture of one of David Stokle’s pieces:

Picture of entire wall at Dewey Sq: