Police Come By Night as World Plans Day of Action

Police Come By Night as World Plans Day of Action on November 17th
– Emergency GA tonight at 7 pm at Dewey Square –

Following an unlawful and disturbing early morning crackdown by the New York Police Department on Occupy Wall Street, the international occupy movement is planning a major day of action on November 17th. Despite escalating, coordinated repression, the peaceful pursuit of economic justice continues to spread throughout the globe. On November 17th, communities everywhere will engage in daylong protests demanding accountability on Wall Street and in government, and in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

As of this writing, there are over two-hundred arrests in New York, including city councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, as well as reporters for the New York Times, the Associated Press, the New York Daily News and others. All arrests were made despite a court-order granting the protestors the right to stay in the park. Elsewhere, Denver police continue a sustained campaign of violence against occupiers, while Oakland, Phoneix, London, Toronto and Calgary are also facing unilateral action by the police.

Occupy Boston stands proudly in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and with all the occupations around the world. Tonight at 7pm we will be having an emergency GA focused on the eviction and to further plan our response. Please join us.

We are the 99%, and we are no longer silent.