Daily Digest for November 11

Fact of the Day: In a stunning victory for the environmental justice and occupation movements, the Obama administration has delayed a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline until late 2012/early 2013; effectively killing the project.
News from other Occupations:  Occupy D.C. held a Super Committee hearing in Freedom Plaza
Occupy Boston – Friday, November 11th

Today’s Weather and EventsCloudy with a chance of showers in the morning… Then sunny in the afternoon. Cooler with highs in the lower 50s.

Check out our Calendar of Events for today, below.

Highlights: Veterans for Peace Parade and Rally! Join us at 10:00 a.m. on the Common for a march back to Occupy Boston

Volunteer Opportunities: 

– Free School University may close due to lack of volunteers to help run the day to day logistics … all work is easy and people are appreciative.  Looking for a few dedicated volunteers.  Come to our meeting on Friday at 4:30 by the library and contact: FSU@lists.OccupyBoston.org

– The Safety Working Group needs more volunteers! We need people familiar with the Occupy Boston community. Meetings are daily, 6:30pm in the library or emailInfoTent@OccupyBoston.org

– The Food Tent is seeking a Food Coordinator to help with organization. If you are interested please contact Dan the Bagel Man at 857 272 6743 or email occupyboston.food@gmail.com.

Other Working Groups seeking volunteers include Media, Outreach, Info Tent, Winterization, Logistics, Library and many, many more; every group is looking for volunteers so find the group that appeals to you and don’t be shy about offering help. Click here for a full list of Working Groups and their contact information. See where you think your strengths lay and where you can be most effective. We are looking for support both on and off-site, so even if you can’t come down there is something to do;  send an email the Info Tent for further assistance

If you are able to, we are still looking for both material and financial support. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. For information on how our money is managed, please see our Financial Accountability Working Group page.

Friday, November 11
12:00pm Project No One Leaves: Anti-Foreclosure Conference
10:00am Veteran’s Day: Veterans for Peace [off-site] Parade and Peace Rally
11:00am prayers/movement and arty centering! with Laura Evonne Steinman
12:00pm The Dewey Square Ad Hoc Chorus on Dewey Square Plaza
2:00pm **OccuPoetry on the Main Stage
3:00pm Bible study
4:00pm Direct Action Meeting
4:00pm **Concert:TBA
4:00pm Safety meeting
4:00pm Street Theater Group
5:00pm Facilitation
5:00pm **FSU Lecture and Discussion: “Capitalism at a Dead End”
5:30pmWinterizing meeting
6:00pm Ocupar El Barrio
6:00pm **FSU: “Peace and the Quiet” (TENTATIVE – Documentary Film Screenings)
6:00pm Outreach Meeting
6:00pm Indigenous Solidarity and Outreach Working Group Meeting
7:00pm Ideas Working Group Public Discussion
8:00pm Transparency Meeting
8:00pm Volunteer Coordination
9:00pm Campers GA
11:00pm “Thrive” Movie Screening;

Questions or concerns? Please e-mail InfoTent@OccupyBoston.org and we can help you with whatever you need.