Facilitation Workshops with C. T. Butler

Veteran activist and Food Not Bombs co-founder C. T. Lawrence Butler is teaching three workshop sessions at Occupy Boston, courtesy of Free School University and the Facilitators Working Group. We are honored to have C. T. Butler here to help us, since, when it comes to consensus, he literally wrote the book!

Consensus: So That All Voices May Be Heard
A Workshop with C. T. Butler
Monday, October 31 and Tuesday, November 1, 2011
1 pm to 2:30 pm

Confused, frustrated, hopeful, or exhausted with consensus so far? Consensus is a process that takes years to master. C. T. Butler and team want to help you of Occupy Boston do what you’re already doing (direct democracy) better. Whether you’ve had formal training or not, come to this workshop to deepen your understanding of what consensus is and is not, its structure and its inherent paradigm shifts. What’s wrong with voting? How can groups handle dominant people? Does consensus have to take so long? Bring your questions to C. T.!

Facilitation Workshop
C. T. Butler
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
3 pm to 5 pm

Interested in joining the General Assembly facilitation team or learning better skills for your committees, working groups, and affinity groups? What is the role of the facilitator in consensus and leaderless movements? Join us in developing Occupy Boston’s expertise in large and small group facilitation, so that all voices may be heard!

C.T. Lawrence Butler is co-founder of Food Not Bombs. From that leaderless, consensus-based international movement and his activism against war, nuclear power, and oppressions, Butler wrote the definitive work On Conflict and Consensus. It is the only model of consensus specifically designed to interrupt privilege and oppression. His latest book, Consensus for Cities, is designed for groups of up to 100,000. As a front-line activist, Butler has been arrested over fifty times in non-violent direct action.