Occupy Boston’s Financial Accountability Working Group Removes Two Members

Boston, MA, October 25, 2011—Yesterday afternoon, Occupy Boston’s Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG) voted unanimously to remove two members, Paul Carnes and Sidney Sherrel, due to their lack of accountability and transparency, as well as their failure to provide information to both the FAWG and Occupy Boston’s General Assembly. Carnes and Sherrel also repeatedly failed to follow established procedures for financial expenditures. This grave decision was reached by consensus following many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with Carnes and Sherrel.

In addition, FAWG unanimously passed the following resolution:

Be it resolved that any actions taken by Paul Carnes are not sanctioned by the Finance Accountability Working Group, including any credit union accounts remaining open, monies spent by him, or any fundraising efforts.

In the interest of transparency, an announcement was made to General Assembly today regarding Carnes’ status within Occupy Boston. Members of other work groups came forward to speak about other incidents where Carnes had expressed disdain for the consensus process and the authority of Occupy Boston’s General Assembly with regards, but not limited to, finances and fundraising. Carnes and Sherrel were in attendance and were both invited to speak on their behalves. Both spoke directly to the General Assembly and answered questions from the crowd. Members of the General Assembly supported FAWG’s resolution. FAWG continues to work in conjunction with lawyers and accountants to put better practices in place  for continued transparency in order in ensure that those entrusted with Occupy Boston’s funds are accountable.


Occupy Boston started in Dewey Square in Boston on September 30, 2011. We have been directly inspired by our brothers and sisters at Occupy Wall Street in New York, and we stand in solidarity with them. The spirit of Occupy Wall Street has spread nationwide and has an unofficial hub at Occupy Together. There is also a list of occupations and Facebook pages at Daily Kos. While these different occupations share many goals and attitudes, they each operate independently and there is no national organization that can speak for all Occupations. For more information about Occupy Boston, visit https://www.occupyboston.org.

[Updated October 26, 2011 for clarity]