Occupy New Hampshire Under Threat of Eviction

Occupy New Hampshire is under imminent threat of eviction and possible arrest tonight. The Manchester Police Department (MPD) has told them that they have until 11 pm tonight to vacate Veterans Park in Manchester or face ticketing. Anyone who does not leave the park after receiving a ticket will be forcibly removed by MPD.

Members of Occupy Boston are en route to Manchester now to support Occupy New Hampshire. You can support them by calling Mayor Ted Gatsas at 603-624-6500; Chief of Parks Peter Capano at 603-624-6565; and Chief of Police David Mara at 603-668-8711 and respectfully asking them not to evict the protestors. (Again, please be respectful!) Finally, keep an eye on Occupy New Hampshire’s livefeed.

Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in New Hampshire in this time of need. We are the 99%, and we will not be silenced.

[Update: Fifteen citations were given out and five people were arrested, all peacefully. All of the arrested occupiers are free now. Camp has been completely cleared and no one is currently occupying the park. Occupy New Hampshire is regrouping with a General Assembly planned for Saturday at noon in Veterans Park.]