Occupy Wall Street Victory

Victory in New York

Early this morning, the international Occupy movement achieved an
impressive victory as billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg called off
the eviction of the Occupy Wall Street protestors that had been
planned for 7:00 AM.  An Occupy Boston solidarity group — dispatched last
night at midnight — arrived just hours before the announcement, which
was greeted with elated cheers and chants of, “All Day, All Week,
Occupy Wall Street”.  A spontaneous march immediately followed as
hundreds began pouring down Broadway Avenue with signs and chants
broadcasting their message of economic justice and the end of Wall
Street’s influence on our democracy.

“I can’t remember a happier sight in my life,” said Stephen Squibb, a
member of the Boston solidarity group, “Than that of hundreds of
protestors of all ages and backgrounds swarming through the financial
district as the sun broke over downtown New York on a Friday morning.
It was beautiful.”

Preparations can now continue in earnest for October 15, which
promises to be one of the largest days of international protest in a

In Solidarity from New York — Occupy Boston

Go here to read about it on Occupy Wall Street’s own web site.