The Guardian and Other Press: If You Haven’t Seen It, Check it Out

All press is good press? Maybe, maybe not… this is what the media is saying about Occupy Boston.

The Guardian says: “… the people behind Occupy Boston showed a strong dose of media savvy and organisational skill on Monday night, as they drew a committed crowd of volunteers to their cause: to occupy a slice of the city. Local TV crews were in attendance at the evening mass planning meeting, and it had been flagged on the front pages of Boston’s newspapers.”

The Boston Metro says: “What started off as a jumbled swarm of 200-plus activists with varying viewpoints slowly molded into a working machine with multiple messages. The Boston Common gazebo filled up fast before protesters separated into tactical groups to discuss food, shelter, occupational areas, media and legalities.”

WHDH Channel 7 posts a video and says: “People were there to rally against corporate greed, banks, corporations and politicians that bailed them out. The group is also opposing cuts to Medicare and social services to the poor, along with tax breaks for the rich.”

The Daily Free Press at BU says: “Hundreds of citizens frustrated with the economy gathered at the Boston Common gazebo on Monday to organize a protest sparked by the Occupy Wall Street movement.”