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    Friday on

    #OBRadio is On The Air! Producing & serving up top notch free/libre content. #occupy #occupyboston #ows #indymedia

    Check out our blog and stay tuned @!
    1pm (EST)
    Democracy Now
    2pm (EST)
    The Aggregated Occupier
    2:30pm (EST)
    The Bridge: Arts for the 99%
    3:30pm (EST)
    Belly of the Beast
    7pm (EST)
    The Commonwelath Casino
    8pm (EST)
    Theology In Action

    Wednesday Evening on


    #OBRadio is On The Air! Producing & serving up top notch free/libre content. #occupy #occupyboston #ows #indymedia

    Check out our blog and stay tuned @!



    6pm (EST)
    Civil Science: Science and Society (Rebroadcast)

    Join host Kathryn Solorzano Lowell as she takes us on a tour of science and politics.  Tonight’s episode of Civil Science is a rebroadcast of Kathryn’s interview with Gary Rucinski about carbon fee and dividend, a way of pricing and potentially phasing down the use of carbon.

    7pm (EST)
    Free School University Radio (Rebroadcast)

    Host David Knuttunen tackles a different topic of social activism importance every week on FSU radio.  This week’s rebroadcast is in honor of Independence Day, Historian Lester “Africanus” Lee, in his second appearance on Free School University Radio, will help us plumb some of the history and politics of our Nation’s founding document in our Fourth of July show.

    8pm (EST)
    Working Class Wednesday

    Host John Dwyer and his crew of bring round table discussions to your living room every week.  Join them this week as they sit down with Bil Lewis and discuss the hub bub around the BPPA and the Boston Police Department.

    Join us for a great Monday on Ocuppy Boston Radio

    Monday on

    Occupy Boston Radio is radio for the 99%, we are producing 12 shows presently and have live broadcasting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from our studio at e5, 33 Harrison Avenue, 5th Floor in Boston.  We make out a call to support radio and e5 as it makes a transition from it’s present space.  Visit e5‘s and LIKE them on Facebook in support of a Movement supporting space!  Thank you and enjoy the listen!

    3pm (EST)
    Occupied Nation

    Host Patrick (Boston George) will be updating Occupiers on local events,  talking about the National Gathering and exploring all the documentaries that are flowing out of the Occupy movement.  Tune-in at 4:20pm for some Indy music!

    6pm (EST)
    Veteran for Peace

    Decorated veteran Bob Funke mixes it up with interviews and topics across the Peace movement

    7pm (EST)
    Occupy the Game

    Join host Alex Ingram as he discusses the Olympics, the Red Sox, and Kevin Garnett coming back to town.

    8pm (EST)
    Pink Slime Radio

    Host Matt Kaminisky explores money and the wheres, whys, and hows of it’s interplay in our lives and political states.

    Occupied Nation NEEDS your announcements about Occupy, Occupy Events and Allies/Affinity Actions & Events!

    Occupied Nation is a weekly talk show hosted by Patrick (Boston George) every Monday from 3pm-6pm on, Occupy Boston‘s Internet Radio Station.  The three hour show begins with coverage of upcoming Occupy Boston and allied events in the local area, from working group meetings, to film screenings, eviction protests and political rallies.  This show gives the Occupy Boston community the opportunity to catch the events they need and want to be at this week all in one place, with some great commentary from Patrick.

    After you fill up your calendar, I recommend you stay tuned-in with Patrick for interesting interviews from local, national and global folks involved in Occupy and other movements that are changing the world and the way we think.

    Visit Occupied Nation’s blog and see what Patrick is up to and let him know about any Occupy/Ally event he should be announcing Mondays starting at 3pm on!  Every week he has been making announcements using the calendar and the web but he’d like to make it more personal and get as much info as possible that isn’t covered by the usual sources!  Look for the Event submissions button on the blog in the top menu or see the direct link below.

    The direct link to the form is here::

    Peace and thanks!
    Sarah Francis
    Occupied Nation

    Tune In to tonight from 6-9pm!

    The Radio Working Group is striving to produce quality programming related to Occupy Boston, the Occupy Movement and related topics of the 99%.  Please visit to listen!  And check our programming  SCHEDULE!

    Wednesday on

    6pm (EST)
    Civil Science: Science and Society

    7pm (EST)
    Free School University Radio 

    Blogging for Small Business and the Citizen Journalist with KC Blogger Extraordinaire

    Learn to target specific web marketing & dynamic content placement, as well as campaign methods for spreading a sustainable message on the Internet. It is easy to learn  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – how to get your blog placed in search engines so it shows up at the top of the list when people search for the topics you cover.

    Bring your passion, your ignorance and learn basic tools to Stand-up & Fight Back and effectively use your right to free speech on the web.

    Check out KC’s recent blogs at:

    Host:  Free School University’s Eden with Kathryn producing.   (David to return next week.)

    8pm (EST)
    Working Class Wednesday

    Sustainable Agriculture Education will be discussing urban agriculture, suburban foraging, & community sustainabity with host John Dwyer


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