First Mass Occupy General Assembly held at UMass Boston

The crowd inside the Ballroom /Photo by Matthew J Shochat

On February 18, 2012, at 1pm, several Occupy members from Boston, UMass Boston, Quincy, Jamaica Plain, Newton, Salem, Somerville, Cape Cod, Brookline, and many more attended the first ever Mass Occupy General Assembly, which was held at the Ballroom on the 3rd floor inside the Campus Center. Members of Veterans For Peace, Mass Alliance, Move To Amend, and two Independent candidates running for office, who are Peter White for US Congress, and Bill Cimbrelo for US Senate, were also in attendance.

The Lucy Parsons Center, a radical bookstore which was founded in 1969 in a small one-room basement shop in Central Square, and recently have relocated to Jamaica Plain in November 2011, was also at hand for any of the guests to take a look.

The first part of the assembly was introductions by all those in attendance. After this, the assembly spent 45 minutes on report backs and discussing ideas regarding the MBTA fare hikes, such as its affects on Walpole, the elderly, and the disabled. Announcements were also made for upcoming MBTA events.

The Lucy Parsons Center /Photo by Matthew J Shochat

Immediately after, the assembly took a 15 minute break, before reconvening to discuss other campaigns, including Citizens United, Creative Actions, flyers, and SOPA/PIPA for another 45 minutes. The next item on the agenda was to break up into groups on particular actions, such as May Day, Citizens United, and MBTA for about 20 minutes, where the assembly then had to relocate to the Occupy UMass Boston site downstairs. By 5:15pm, most of the crowd had disbanded.

The next Mass Occupy General Assembly will take place on Saturday, March 24th. More information is to be announced.