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  • Climate theater at State Street re Spectra pipeline

    Press release, videos, and photos on our website here:

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    Contact: James Billman, FloodBoston. floodboston(AT) 617-669-8045

    Anti-fracking protesters take State Street Corp. HQ Lobby, performing climate theater piece calling on State Street to end its support of Spectra Energy pipeline through West Roxbury.

    On December 18th, citizens from across Massachusetts entered the State Street building to demonstrate against natural gas and the Spectra Energy pipeline. Inside the lobby, they deployed banners, costumes, and elaborate props and performed a theatrical piece highlighting State Street Corporation’s involvement in Spectra Energy, a natural gas company that aims to expand fracked gas pipelines through New England communities.

    This action is part of the “Week of Respect and Resistance,” a nationwide campaign against Spectra Energy’s proposed expansion of the “Algonquin” gas pipeline (“Algonquin” Incremental Market Expansion, or AIM).

    The AIM pipeline, which contributes to climate change, would run through Massachusetts cities and towns.

    David Ludlow of West Roxbury says his neighborhood in Boston is directly threatened by this pipeline that will run near an quarry with an active blasting site. “We’ve been working with gas experts who have investigated numerous gas explosions throughout the country. West Roxbury is densely populated and the AIM pipeline puts our community at grave risk,” says Ludlow.

    Protesters rallied inside State Street Corporation because it is the second largest institutional investor in Spectra Energy. One of the organizers of the protest, Shannon Leary, said, “We’re here to expose State Street’s investment in Spectra Energy as a driver of runaway climate change. Fracked gas is a false solution and we’re here to send a message: If your project or company threatens our community, we won’t let it happen.”

    The AIM Expansion locks New England into a future of fossil fuel dependence, and directly impacts the safety of Boston communities. Organizers called on State Street Corporation to divest their holdings in Spectra Energy, and all other extreme energy projects. Boston-based Spectra Energy is one of the largest natural gas processing, storage, and distribution companies in the United States. State Street Corporation, is one of the largest investors in Spectra Energy, as well as the proposed Kinder Morgan gas pipeline in Massachusetts. After leaving State Street, protesters performed music and theater inside South Station.

    What: Climate theater piece with banners and musical accompaniment.

    When: Thursday 18 Dec 4pm

    Where: State Street Lobby, One Lincoln Street

    Who: Students, citizens and community members from across the state of Massachusetts, Fighting Against Natural Gas (FANG), and FloodBoston.

    Millions March Boston


    On Saturday, Dec. 13, people from Oakland to NYC will mobilize for the MILLIONS MARCH: DAY OF ANGER. This is a call continue the struggle against police violence and for justice. Boston, let’s join the call- we fight for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and the victims of police violence right here in this city!

    Brown / Garner march, Davis Sq., 5pm today

    “As a response to the recent non-indictment of the officers responsible for
    the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we are organizing a MARCH OF
    STUDENTS TO DAVIS SQUARE As part of a larger national movement and
    expression of anger, pain, frustration, mourning, and healing, protesters
    will gather and disrupt ‘business as usual’. We intend to disrupt the
    continuing of daily lives as the continuity of Black lives are disrupted
    every 28 hours.”

    Details at:

    Countering the Threat of Nuclear Disaster from Pilgrim Power Plant


    Come to the Dec. 8 organizing meeting to address the real dangers of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, MA


    • Boston is only 34 miles from Pilgrim, and subject to nuclear contamination in case of radioactive release at Pilgrim.
    • Pilgrim’s G.E. Mark 1 design is the same as Fukushima’s
    • Its highly radioactive spent fuel pool is not inside the reinforced containment structure, and hence is vulnerable to accident, or attack by air.
    • In case of nuclear contamination, home insurance pays NOTHING.
    • In case of nuclear evacuation, the Sagamore and Bourne bridges will immediately CLOSE, to allow Plymouth residents to escape — but trapping Cape residents, who will have no escape.

    Come to hear Diane Turco of Cape Downwinders explain the real threats to the Boston area, and the successful political actions by Cape Cod organizations.

    Diane was one of the Four Cape Cod Grandmothers who performed an act of civil resistance on Mothers’ Day 2014.

    With the experience of the Cape Codders and the numbers of the Bostonians, we have a much better chance for a future safe from nuclear disaster and the need to abandon our homes.

    Organizing Meeting:
    Monday, Dec. 8, 7-9 PM
    Massachusetts Peace Action
    First Church in Cambridge, Hastings Room
    11 Garden St., Cambridge
    (Near Harvard Square)

    Smoking Ban Hearing (Dec 15)

    (from rnicosa)

    5:30 p.m., Monday, December 15
    The Cambridge City Council will consider and probably vote on prohibiting: Smoking in all Cambridge public parks and in all seating areas adjacent to restaurants

    These restrictions don’t promote health, they only punish smokers, many of whom are poor or mentally disabled. This is class warfare. Please attend this public meeting where anyone can speak and help us oppose smoker apartheid!

    Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
    Henrietta S. Attles Meeting Room
    459 Broadway, Cambridge

    (Update: the date of the hearing was changed from Dec 8th to Dec 15th).

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