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  • Green Candidates Filing Signatues on 5/27



    CONTACT PERSON: Danny Factor, electfactor(AT), 978 835 5788


    On Friday, May 27th at 10:00 A.M. two Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) candidates for State Representative will present the required number of certified signatures to the Elections Division in Boston (1 Ashburton Place, 17th Floor) to allow their names to be placed on the November, 2016 ballot. Both candidates will speak before the press.

    The candidates are:

    Charlene DiCalogero, activist to promote democracy by getting corporate money out of politics, halt predatory lending practices and illegal foreclosures, and increase funding for education and public transit. She has a background in education, public policy, conflict mediation and violence prevention, environmental studies and building green communities. (12th Worcester District: Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, and parts of Northborough and Sterling.)

    Danny Factor, public interest attorney, civil disobedience environmental activist and former GRP Candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth who received over 75,000 votes in 2014. (14th Middlesex District: Concord, Carlisle and portions of Acton and Chelmsford)

    Both candidates are running on a “people, planet and peace” platform that unlike Democratic and Republican candidates are free from corporate interests. They support a much faster transition from fossil fuels to safe, green, renewable energy than either of the plans supported by the Massachusetts Democratic or Republican parties. They support a full portfolio of economic human rights for all residents of the Commonwealth including the right to healthy food, clean water, an end to homelessness, and universal single-payer health care. They support a more inclusive attitude in our Commonwealth where black lives matter and the rights of diverse groups such as Hispanics, Asians, people with disabilities, the LGBT community, immigrants documented and undocumented and prisoners all matter. They support an expanded view of democracy where campaigns are publicly financed,and elected officials legislate representing a full range of views that reflect our diverse populace.

    A recent Gallup Poll found that an incredible 60% of Americans agree that the Democratic and Republican parties do such a poor job representing the American people that a new major party is needed. The Green-Rainbow Party believes that the time has come in Massachusetts for the end of the corporate run two party system. We encourage you to meet Charlene DiCalogero and Danny Factor Friday and hear the message of two candidates who represent the future of our Commonwealth.

    Green-Rainbow Party

    CRYPTO PARTY – May 25th


    Wednesday May 25th, 6-9pm @ Parts and Crafts in Somerville (577 Somerville Ave). Wheelchair accessible. Free

    Come join our monthly “CRYPTO PARTY” event where we learn about encryption tools and how we can protect our privacy against the surveillance state.

    It’s not really a “party”, more like a potluck where we hang out with computers and try to get rid of the fear that the panopticon wants us to live under. Bring your questions, your laptops, phones and devices and together we will help set you up with various tools to encrypt your communication an be anonymous on the internet.

    Topics we can cover: PGP email encryption, Tor browser, Tails, secure text messaging/ chats/ video calls, key signing, mesh networking, how to install linux onto your computer… and more!

    Around 6:30 we will start introductions, where everyone can say what they’re interested in learning, what they’re available to teach what topics you want to discuss. Then we’ll break into groups depending on what people want to do.

    Bring snacks! Bring yourself + a friend and all those questions about “what do I download?” and “what’s a public key?” We are here for you. Join us, learn stuff, and then the next time, you can be a “crypto angel” by teaching a new person something too!

    No mansplaining // trans friendly // safer space


    Jobs Not Jails Lobby Day – May 25th

    Jobs not jails is having a Lobby day, Wednesday, May 25 at 10:30am, Room 437 at the state house. Continue the campaign for S.2176 which passed in the senate, but is still pending in the house. S.2176 would raise the threshold for being convicted for a felony from the current low $250 up to $1500.

    Learn more:

    If you can’t make it on the 25th, you can still help by writing a letter in support of raising the larceny threshold.

    March For Our Lives

    Monday, July 25, 2016 at 3:00pm
    Opening Day of the Democratic National Convention

    This year’s DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION will cost the city of Philadelphia upwards of $60 million, even though the city purports it cannot house its 650 unsheltered homeless people on an average night nor provide fresh food to the 307,000 Philadelphians who have little to no access in their own neighborhoods.

    Join us in demanding an end to UNEMPLOYMENT, HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS, and the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, and in fighting for access to affordable housing, living wages, and a healthcare system that benefits citizens, not corporations.

    On both sides of the political aisle, parties have furthered the criminalization and alienation of the poor and homeless – a phenomenon that must end. This march is necessary to demonstrate that poverty-stricken people do not feel represented by the Democratic Party. The party has been labeled as the poor people’s party, but we demand that they earn it.



    Hi Everyone:

    Hoping Spring is happening (weather wise) for all of you… And that it’s happy and filled with green and growing things




    This year, I’d like you to consider a day of Activism for a livable future. A twofer of possibilities to change the world as you begin your morning with mothers in West Roxbury to stop a dangerous fracked gas pipeline and then on to our worldwide food supply as we March Against Monsanto once again in the afternoon in Copley Square.

    The first event is Mother’s Out Front A Day of Action at the WRL fracked gas pipeline which is a 5.1 mile 750 pounds per square inch of fracked gas that is being built with much opposition from neighborhoods in Dedham to environmental groups to the City Council and Mayor of Boston and Selectmen of Dedham. In fact, Mike Butler Chair of the Dedham Select Board was the first to be arrested in June protesting the pipeline outside Legacy Place.

    So far about 55 people form all over New England have chosen to commit peaceful acts of Civil Disobedience to protest this pipeline. They have extensive training and
    have chosen to be arrested because of the dangers of this pipeline positioned within feet of 30,00 plus visitors to malls up and down route 1, under a children’s soccer field, in densely populated neighborhoods, next to school, houses of worship and a nursing home and a Quarry that blasts dynamite two times a week!

    The company building it, Spectra has repeatedly mislead town and city and state elected officials and threatened eminent domain and had a few accidents as they rushed to build the pipeline as well as the large explosion on another pipeline just two weeks ago in Pennsylvania. I’ve been involved in this effort in meetings and hearings following the great leading by large coalitions like Mass Power Forward and Toxics Action and 350 Mass and so many tens of thousands of others including smaller and yet more vibrant local groups like SWRL and so many others who are having this put in their front yards. Some of the hearings etc I have attended include from Conservation Commission to FERC hearings to federal court to the Supreme Judicial Court, meetings with aides for councilors, reps, mayors and staff for Warren and Markey when my health allows. Sadly, it’s out of all of their hands because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission thus far, has had the final say. We are changing this narrative on the ground in W. Roxbury and in the State House and Supreme Court.

    Imagine for a second what it’s like to have a large fracked gas pipeline in your front yard that is controlled by a metering and regulating station located next to a blasting quarry. Sadly, what we learned form the explosion in New Salem, PA a few weeks ago, when accidents happen along these pipelines and they are with greater frequency, upwards of 40 acres or 30 city blocks will be in the incineration zone

    This pipeline is not approved by neighborhoods surrounding it, nor by Dedham and Boston or their elected officials. There have been years of valiant efforts to stop
    it through court cases and hundreds of meetings. To learn more about it and events surrounding the protests and rallies see 350 Massachusetts .

    This will be a great day to join Mother’s Out Front to show our solidarity with our friends and neighbors in Dedham, Westwood and West Roxbury.

    Thanks and a Happy and Active-ism filled Spring to you all,

    E. F.

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