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    Announcing Occupy Boston Screen Print Guild

    Want your own handmade T-shirt proclaiming Occupy Boston or that you are part of the 99%?

    Occupy Boston Screen Print Guild is looking to create it.

    Occupy Boston Screen Print Guild also needs donations – please bring donations of clean blank cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and canvas bags to this General Assembly on Thursday, December 29, 7pm – 11pm Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street, Boston.

    If people want to get their own shirts printed on, they should bring a cotton shirt labeled with their name and contact info – we will do our best to return all printed shirts to their rightful owners. People can also get some ink on their own hands by joining us during a print production to learn how to do some basic screen printing (times and locations of print productions still TBD)

    For more information email: or check out:

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    Occupy Boston Gets Creative

    Check out Occupy Boston Art Blog for Info on Tiny Tent Making, Creative Actions, and Upcoming Events

    Occupy Boston Writers’ Caucus: Looking to collect and organize stories from the Dewey Square Encampment!

    Who did you meet? What was your tent like? What does occupying mean to you? Word limit: 750 words. Send submissions to Submissions due January 1, 2012. Members of Writers’ Caucus can help if you have an idea and need suggestions.

    Occupy Boston Radio – LIVE @ 11AM

    Open the OB Radio Player!

    Goooooooood moooorning Boston!

    OB Radio is going live, and we’re bringing you top notch revolutionary and progressive audio. Stay tuned for a complete schedule of all our original programming. If you’re interested in helping out with production or having a show yourself, please contact us on our mailing list at You can also at join our working group.

    Here’s the schedule for Monday, December 12th:

    • 11am: OBIT’s Morning Floss
    • 12pm: Occupy Roadmap Pre-Planning
    • 2pm: Working Group Mic-Check
    • 4pm: Be the Revolution (with B the Revolutionary)

    Costs: Occupy vs. Recession

    Cost of policing the Occupy movement in 18 cities: $13 million. Cost of the recession: $30 trillion.

    We’ve Said It Before and We’ll Say It Again

    You can't evict an idea.

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston