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    Proposals Passed During the 5 Feb 2013 GA

    Radio Proposal

    (as amended)

    Proposal: Occupy Boston Radio (OBR), a working group, proposes that Occupy Boston provide $2549.70 in funding to OBR. This will cover our most essential operating costs (rent and our radio stream), and allow us “breathing room” to seek further funding for other operating costs, and to continue working on a plan for long-term financial stability. Background Occupy Boston Radio (OBR) is striving to produce quality programming related to Occupy Boston, the Occupy Movement, and related topics of interest and importance to the 99%. We seek to include all voices by adhering to the following principles:

    • having open access to our schedule for new shows;
    • hosting shows that invite interviewees and guests; and
    • operating the station with direct democratic principles.

    OBR has been broadcasting online since late 2011. We have broadcast approximately 14 regular weekly shows for all or part of that time, plus a number of specials. We also syndicate the progressive news show Democracy Now! and the environmental issues show Radio Ecoshock.

    We have been an outlet for Occupy Boston news to the public and other Occupies for over a year. This has included broadcasting a calendar of events, as well as specific requests from other Working Groups and event organizers to spread the word.

    We maintain a station blog, and several individual show blogs, and many of our shows are archived online and available as podcasts or for download. A major goal of OBR for the coming year is to increase the number of shows available in these modes, or syndicated on other Occupy movement or allied stations and sites (such as and

    The following table constitutes our funding request for February 2013:

    Item Monthly Cost 6 Month Total
    Rent S400.00 $2400.00
    Streaming Server 49.95 299.70
    Total $2625.00

    It should be noted that these are OBR’s basic costs, money needed to keep our station on the air. We have additional costs, such as paying for enhanced blog features that allow us to provide archived programming on line. We also have incidental costs from time to time. Our operations could be enhanced if we upgraded to a better streaming server (costing about twice as much), added a phone line, and purchased some equipment upgrades. OBR has raised money for such things by means of fundraising events and community and online outreach. The money we received through our previous GA proposal (March 2012) represented less than 1/3 of our total budget, last year. We intend to continue and expand such independent fundraising efforts. When Occupy Boston’s fiscal sponsor arrangement goes through, we intend to seek foundation and large donor support, as well.

    Thanks to the corporate consolidation of the mainstream media. Internet-based outlets for unencumbered news and information are emerging across communities near and far. Small independent stations and networks give the voiceless and the disenfranchised a mic to the world. In supporting the efforts of Occupy Boston Radio you strengthen the fight for free media. Thank you for your consideration. Occupy Boston Radio OBR.FM networks give the voiceless and the disenfranchised a mic to the world. In supporting the efforts of Occupy Boston Radio you strengthen the fight for free media. Thank you for your consideration.

    Occupy Boston Radio OBR.FM

    Brought by OBR. Passed by consensus.

    Legal Assistance for NYC Trial

    Request for bus fare and subway rides for OB member’s travel to her NYC trial for S17 arrest charges, and also for two witnesses (OB Members).

    • Bus: $30 * 3 people = $90 (round trip)
    • subway: 4 rides for 3 people at $2/ride = $24
    • Expense for recheduling = $20

    Total: $134.

    Brought by Linda. Passed in the consent bucket

    Strikedebt Student Debt Event

    Funding for a strikedebt organizing event.

    • $400 for rent (hopefully refunded)
    • $200 for T-shirts
    • $200 for leaflets and art supplies
    • $100 for guest speaker transit

    $900 total.

    Brought by the Strikedebt WG. Passed in the consent bucket.

    Food Not Bombs

    Proposal to give remaining unused food funds to food not bombs.

    In lack of use of the food fund in which there has not been a request for months, it is proposed that the remaining $500 be given to Food Not Bombs to continue the original mission of the food tent, which was to feed those that either want or need food. Although the food money is autonomous from the general fund, we could not come to a unanimous decision on how to go forward. The vote came out 5 to 2. In consideration for the process, we agreed to bring before GA.

    Brought by the food working group. Passed in the consent bucket.

    NLG Donation

    Propose to donate the remaining legal funds (approximately $5611) to the NLG.

    Brought by John Ford. Passed by consensus.

    GA minutes:

    Proposals Passed During the 20 Jan 2013 GA

    Returning Tactical Funds

    Take any remaining funds allocated for the tactical proposal for re-occupation (as determined by FAWG – originally $14,000), and return it to the general funds of Occupy Boston to fund other projects.

    Proposed by Dana. Passed by consensus

    FAWG Note: It appears that there was $12,000 remaining in the tactical proposal. See tactical-summary.csv

    Funding for the Boston Occupier


    The Boston Occupier, an affinity group, proposes that the Occupy Boston General Assembly donate $2,842 to support the printing and distribution of two issues of the Boston Occupier newspaper.

    Funds from the Occupy Boston General Assembly will be used only to cover costs associated with printing and distributing the newspaper. The Boston Occupier will observe complete financial transparency in its disbursement of the funds (as the group has done since it began; see Meanwhile, it will continue to investigate and develop other fundraising models in an effort to achieve longterm financial viability.

    The Boston Occupier will remain open to new writers, editors, cartoonists, distributors, and other staff members. It will continue to operate its organization on a model of mutual respect and consensus-based decision making. The Occupy Boston General Assembly will not have any editorial control over the paper or the website ( as a result of its donation. We believe that the previous twelve issues of the print edition, as well as the archived content on our website, indicate the consistency of our subject matter, our editorial standards, and our commitment to progressive, radical, left, and grassroots causes and values. We believe our values and practices to be broadly consistent with the values and practices of Occupy Boston.


    The mission of the Boston Occupier is to produce free, grassroots journalism for New England’s 99% and beyond, while adhering to the principles of accuracy, fairness, transparency, thoroughness and independence. Through the publication of our print and online editions, we aim to be a credible, engaging source of information about progressive, radical, left, and grassroots issues as well as organizing on behalf of social and economic justice and anti-oppression. We are especially concerned to cover stories that the mainstream media neglects to report, or reports in a biased or inadequate manner.

    On November 18, 2011, we printed our first issue of paper, and our most recent issue hit the streets in mid-December, 2012. As of this issue, our twelfth, we have distributed more than 120,000 copies of the Boston Occupier. The vast majority of our distribution is in the greater Boston area and Massachusetts. In addition to regular staff writers, past contributors (of reports, stories, and / or photos) include Noah McKenna, Sage Radachowsky, Betsy Boggia, Amanda Achin, Ian Spinich, Theresa Earle, Brian Kwoba, Bil Lewis, Chase Carter, Anna Clayton, and Deborah Sirotkin Butler. Recent subject matter includes anti-drone activism in Boston, Idle No More, rallies in solidarity with Bangladeshi workers, Occupy Sandy, fossil fuel divestment, Monsanto, Boston workers’ protests against Diva Restaurant wage theft, Bradley Manning, student debt, the Debt Jubilee, the Maiden Tentants’ Union, Occupy Homes MA, the Lawrence Bread & Roses Festival, Howard Zinn, the South African miners’ strike, the MBTA, the corporate attack on public education, ALEC,, and Pilgrim Nuclear power plant.

    Content produced by our staff has been reprinted in the Boston Dig, Dollars & Sense, and, among other outlets. OBR (Occupy Boston Radio), Boston’s Spare Change News, Open Media Boston have recognized our efforts and reached out to collaborate with us.

    Past funding for the Boston Occupier has come from a Kickstarter fund, subscriptions and donations, and a grant from the Movement Resource Group (a working group of Occupy Wall Street). This grant was for six months of funding, and its term ended in January 2013. The newspaper has started the process of coming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

    Current, regularly participating members of the Boston Occupier include Angie Brandt, Emily Hopkins, Doug Enaa Greene, Joe Ramsey, Kendra Moyer, Julie Orlemanski, Josh Sager, Sarah Herman, Dan Schneider, and Sandra Korn.

    Proposed by the Boston Occupier. Passed by consensus

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed During the 25 November General Assembly

    Change GA Schedule to Twice / Month

    The General Assembly will meet twice a month starting immediately: the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9:30 and the third Sunday of each month from 4-5:30. (On Sunday the GA will be followed immediately by the Strategic Action Assembly, starting half an hour after its usual 5 p.m. Sunday start time.)

    Proposed by Dana. Passed by consensus.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed During the 11 November General Assembly

    $500 Donation to Strike Debt

    OB donates $500 to the Strike Debt Rolling Jubilee at their Telethon
    on 11/15

    Proposed by Carolyn; passed in the bucket/by unanimous consent.

    $175 for Debt Jubilee Live-Stream Party Expenses

    OB allocates $175 to cover expenses for OB Debt Jubilee
    Live-stream Party 11/15

    Proposed by Joe; passed in the bucket/by unanimous consent.

    GA Minutes:

    Proposals Passed during the 4 November 2012 General Assembly

    FAWG Proposal

    Occupy Boston will adopt the comprehensive fiscal sponsorship model, with UFE as our fiscal sponsor.

    The comprehensive model is described in item #1, here:

    Proposed by FAWG. Passed by consensus.

    GA Minutes:

    The FAWG proposal was also discussed during the 28 October GA:

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