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    Statement of Solidarity from Occupy Dame Street of Dublin, Ireland

    To Our Brothers and Sisters of Occupy Boston:

    We wish to express our solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Your struggle has inspired us here in Dublin, just as it has inspired people across the world.

    While certain problems are unique to Ireland, we see this ultimately as a global struggle, and we stand united with you as the 99%. We hope to open a dialogue with you and find a way to share strategies and support.

    You can learn more about our occupation at

    Le gach dea ghui,*

    The People of Occupy Dame Street


    * “With good wishes”

    Letter to Boston Teachers Union

    The following letter was written to the Boston Teachers Union regarding a potential fundraising event by Paul Carnes and Sidney Sherrel, who were both unanimously voted to be disavowed from all Occupy Boston financial activities. The letter was written by the Financial Accountability Working Group and addressed to publicly listed members of the Boston Teachers Union. It is being reposted here for transparency.

    On behalf of Occupy Boston, we wanted to reach out thanking for your
    support for our movement. However, it has come to our attention that
    you all may be the target of a potential fundraising scam. Recently,
    the Finance Accountability Working Group of Occupy Boston has passed a
    resolution disavowing Paul Carnes and Sidney Sherrel from any
    financial activities on behalf of Occupy Boston. We’ve included the
    text to the resolution that we passed below, as well as a link to the
    Press Release that was posted on our official website. The reason for
    their disavowal was embezzlement of Occupy Boston funds and a lack of
    transparency and accountability in all actions. They have specifically
    been stripped of any privilege to raise funds on behalf of Occupy

    We were informed they may be trying to throw a fundrasier in
    conjunction with the Boston Teachers Union, so we felt it incumbent on
    ourselves to let you all know the actions we’ve taken on the matter.
    Given their corruption, we strongly recommend against giving them any
    funds for any reason whatsoever.

    We regret that our first point of contact with you had to come with
    such a negative tone. We cherish your support and look forward to
    working with you in the future.

    Statement of purpose ratified October 23, 2011

    The following living document was ratified by Occupy Boston’s General Assembly (GA) October 23, 2011:

    We the people who have occupied Dewey Square, under the name Occupy Boston, have done so in order to maintain a place, where all voices are welcome for the open discussion of ideas, grievances, and potential solutions to the problems apparent in our society. We are and will be holding general assemblies where proposals may be brought to the group as a whole, to be consented to. We have and will continue to occupy this space for the purpose of DEMOCRACY.

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