General Assembly Recap – 10/1/2011

Hello all, here is a summary of our GA from this morning,
(Saturday). It went from 10:30 – 11:10 am.

Our opening points were these:
– Talk about message
-Restructure groups
-New Group – Internal Communications

Tactical Stack included:
-finding cardboard and other materials to fix mud problem
-team to adjust cardboard walkways
-media needs new tent that doesn’t leak (since fixed)
-organize things / new layout (since fixed)
-dry socks available at tactical’s tent
-keep morale high, things dry
-after meeting, a group was going out to find supplies for walkways
-Tactical has tent sealer & duct tape
– Tactical also has shampoo & soap
– find Alex, Robin, or Nadeem if you want to tweet something
from the Twitter
-toiletry donations go to tactical then they will be distributed

Medical Stack included:
-make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS
-Dont share utensils, cups, ect. Thats a great way to spread germs.
-Stay dry. Especially keep your shoes, socks, and head wear dry.
-Use South Station’s hand dryers for immediate warmth.
-Please don’t stay if you cannot stay dry & warm.
-Check with tactical if you need means to stay dry & warm

Message Stack Included:
-Message sub group need to meet with all of media group to talk about
message. (There was a meeting at 2 pm)
-Democratic reform & financial justice are the two main categories of
the message draft.
-As we were in this conversation, the distribution man from Left Turn
magazine dropped off a bunch of issues. Media tent has them

Food Stack Included:
-Before you handle food use hand sanitizer!!
-If there are servers, let them serve you your food instead of serving
-We have way too much bread and need ideas to get rid of it.

-anyone interested in joining this group met with medical & tactical
to set up the actual group for sanitation

Legal stack included:
-Looking for recruits to sit / stand at legal table. Daytime / weekday
shifts. Texting lawyers, ect
-Recruits should E-Mail legalq.occupybos…
-someone from legal & media talk to police about generators to find an
answer of if we can use them (we now have power)
-Find bike generators if needed
-We voted on it being okay to talk to legal about generator situation

Outreach Stack included:
-Working on document about how to go about doing outreach
-The way to build solidarity is not just to go to people to bring them
to our movement, but have ourselves open to helping other
organizations. If we help them, they will be more willing to help us.
-Create list of organizations who have rallies coming up and need help
to establish relationships and through that, we will be bilding out
group through those we’ve helped.
-Make sure everyone is on E-Mail list. Check everyday for new members.
(Internal Communications is now in charge of signing in new members)

Other Points:
-If you want to join multiple groups, go for it!
-Let outside groups know how original we are so if they join us, we
will respect and take their ideas into consideration.
-We had another eye flush training at the medical tent following the
GA (thanks Medical!)
-For new members coming to Internal Comm., maybe give them a list of
three things that will introduce them to the group they are joining.
-We need to discuss our list of demands more in depth at evening GA.
-Quarter cards are great for reaching out to everyone. They fit in
your back pocket and are easy to pass out to help spread the word
about Occupy Boston. Teams should go to T stations and pass the out.
-We need to remember to maintain our system of respect, especially for
new members to see so they can get an idea of how we work together.
-The local Farmer’s Market brings trucks in at 9 am on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. They use the gravel path so we need to make sure to always
keep that path clear.

General Assembly dismissed at
-We also had a meeting about arranging tents (now all rearranged)
-During our morning GA, Channel 5 News filmed it.