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    Help the Street Medics this Sunday

    About 30 street medics will be participating in a Street Medic Training this weekend, garnering and training more street medics for actions. We need volunteers for Sunday as simulated “victims” of all types of situations. It’ll be a gratifying and fun experience, and you’ll be helping the street medic community to keep people safe and healthy.

    You’ll mostly be lying around covered in fake blood or being in a diabetic coma, not strenuous at all (the trainers will brief you about your roles). It’ll be about 4 hours on Sunday, but if you can give 2 hours, that will work too.

    If you want more information or think you might be able to come, please email Mark Williams at onebrightroad(AT)

    In health, safety, and solidarity.

    Video/Photo Report On Boston Protest Against War On Gaza

    by Michael Borkson

    Boston, Mass.-July 19, 2014:

    About 300 protesters turned out at Park St. in Boston  today July 19 to speak out against Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza’s Palestinians. A very emotional and spirited protest with speakers on the plight of Palestinians, loud and energetic chants of “Free Free Palestine” and ending with a mock “die-in” with the names of some of the hundreds of Palestinians killed read aloud. There was a small handful of pro US/pro Israel hecklers there which the Boston police seperated from our demonstration.

    The protest today was sponsored by a wide coalition of Boston activists — Jewish Voices For Peace, UJP, ANSWER, Boston IAC, Committee For Peace And Human Rights, UNAC, as well as many others. Here are video and photo links:


    Short 6 min. video: Boston protests Israel war on Gaza : 7/19/14

    End all ethnic and religious wars — live together in peace.

    7/25-28 Boston Street Medic Training (Fri-Mon)

    This 20-hour course is designed as a complete introduction to action medical knowledge and skills, including basic first aid, street operations and tactics, emotional first aid and aftercare, chemical weapons information and treatment, herbs for first aid, and action preparedness. The completion of this course will prepare you to serve as a street medic at political actions or to be a source of health care information and resource in your community.

    You do not need to have any previous medical or first aid training in order to attend this course. People with all levels of experience and training are welcome.

    Schedule (subject to change):
    July 25 Friday evening – 6 to 9 pm;
    July 26 Saturday – 9am to 5 pm;
    July 27 Sunday – 9 am to 5 pm;
    July 28 Monday – 9am to 5pm (**Bonus herbal first aid training**)

    We have a sliding scale fee from $1 to $100 for this training course, and we welcome barter in place of money.

    Location TBA in Boston.

    Please visit for more info and registration.

    Email bostonstreetmedics(AT) with questions.

    (Even More) Occupy FOIA Documents

    DHS has released an even bigger collection of Occupy-related FOIA documents at — 2,095 pages in all.

    For posterity, we’ve placed a copy of these documents on

    PS: if you’re interested in reading through these documents and writing some blog posts about them, shoot an email to obit(AT), and we’ll help set you up.

    Occupy FOIA Documents

    Courtesy of the New York Times, a collection of FOIA documents about the Occupy movement — including yours truly, Occupy Boston.

    Once you’ve finished those 77 pages, feel free to move on to the unabridged 1,341 page version.

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston