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    Fri 4/18, 5 PM, Defend Johany Pilar! Picket Plus Phone & Email Zap

    Dear All,

    HUCTW* member & activist Johany Pilar sued Harvard for sexual harassment, gender bias and retaliation when she was repeatedly grabbed by a co-worker and disciplined for reporting it. She was promoted 3 salary grades, and the discipline was rescinded, after a campaign which featured picketing and public pressure . Recently HUMS** managers have renewed their retaliation against Johany, yelling at her that she is a “trouble-maker,” physically holding the door to prevent her from leaving a closed room, and hassling her about doctors’ appointments. Let’s stand up for Johany!

    Supporters will gather in front of the Smith Campus Center (formerly Holyoke Ctr) at 1350 Mass. Ave. Cambridge(very close to the Harvard Square Red Line MBTA stop and next to Au Bon Pain), starting at 5 pm, this Friday, 4/18. You’re invited to join us! The Facebook event is here.

    Please phone and email Harvard’s Director of Labor and Employee Relations, William Murphy, at (617) 496-9193, Suggested message: “It is reprehensible that HUMS management continues to harass HUCTW member Johany Pilar. I demand you use your influence to arrange a transfer for Johany into an at least comparable position. End the culture of victim-blaming and retaliation at Harvard!”

    In Solidarity,

    Geoff Carens, Union Rep, HUCTW

    Delegate, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

    * Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers / AFSCME Local 3650

    ** Harvard University Mail Services

    Jobs not Jails Rally – April 26th, 1pm

    jobs not jails flyer Jobs not Jails Rally   April 26th, 1pm

    GA Summary – 3 September 2013

    Most of tonight’s GA focused on revisiting (and amending) the disbursement proposal from July 9th.

    We decided to liquidate Occupy Boston’s remaining credit union funds. Assuming we got the math right, this breaks down as follows:

    • $4294 for the street medics
    • $908 for strike debt
    • $2000 for Mesob’s food truck (see minutes)
    • $1000 for Bobbi’s Urban Pioneer proposal (see minutes)
    • $492 for Food Not Bombs
    • $492 for E5

    GA Minutes:

    GA Summary – 9 July 2013

    Proposals passed during the July 9th 2013 General assembly.

    Natgat Endorsement

    The general assembly agreed to endorse Natgat 2013.

    Proposed by Aria. Passed in the consent bucket

    Natgat Funding

    We agreed to donate $500 to Natgat.

    Proposed by Aria. Passed by consensus

    Puppet Collective Funding

    We agreed to give $1500 to a Puerto Rican puppet collective, to rent a van and travel to Bread and Puppets 50th anniversary.

    Brought by David and Dey. Passed by consensus

    Legal Aid

    We agreed to give Linda $253 for legal aid and court costs.

    Brought by Linda. Passed by consensus

    Occupy Boston remaining funds

    We agreed to hold $500 of Occupy Boston’s remaining funds in reserve (for operating expenses), and disburse the rest as follows:

    • 50% to street medics,
    • 30% to E5,
    • 10% to food not bombs, and
    • 10% to strike debt.

    Future income will be set aside for operating expenses.

    Proposed by Dana. Passed by consensus

    (Note: this proposal is subject to reconsideration at the next GA)

    Next GA: September 3rd 7pm


    July 2nd GA Postponed to July 9th

    Occupy Boston July General Assembly is postponed from July 2 to July 9: 7-7:20 potluck, 7:20-9pm meeting, at the Community Church of Boston. The GA has been postponed because a significant number of regular attenders had conflicts and requested a change.

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