Occupy Boston Threatened with Eviction at Midnight, December 8

Mayor Menino has threatened “further action” if Occupy Boston does not leave Dewey Square by midnight tonight, December 8. In addition, Occupy Boston members in Dewey Square have been served with notice by the Boston Police Department (BPD) that they are under risk of arrest.

In the event that the BPD clears Dewey Square tonight, we will meet at 8 am tomorrow at the Suffolk Probate and Family Court at 24 New Chardon Street in Boston. We will also hold a General Assembly tomorrow night, December 9, at 8 pm at the Band Stand on Boston Common.

Tonight we will be livestreaming on our main feed and 9 additional feeds: (1) OBRadio, (2) Farhad,(3) theother99, (4) Tracy, (5) Eli, (6) oldnumber7, (7) Ryan, (8) endgegner, (9) Ross1, and (10) Ross2, (11) unaspenser, (12) farmerbob, (13) eghm627, (14) joccupyboston, (15) liveoccupy,. Our main feed should be the most dependable. If anyone has a feed they’ll be broadcasting from camp that isn’t listed here, please contact leftyfb@occupyboston.org and we’ll include it.

On Twitter, follow @Occupy_Boston, @DeweyGA, @caulkthewagon, @Fara1, #OccupyBoston, and #OBRaid for live tweets throughout the night.

And, no matter what happens, remember: You cannot evict and idea whose time has come.

Watch live streaming video from occupyboston at livestream.com