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    Another world is possible
  • EMERGENCY PROTEST: Boston vigil to save the Internet


    WHAT: Emergency protest and vigil to save net neutrality, the principle that protects free speech on the Internet.

    WHEN: Thursday, November 6th, 6pm

    WHERE: Gather in front of the MA State House near Boston Common.

    BRING: A cell phone, flashlight, glowstick, or candle, to shine light on the corruption unfolding in our government.

    WHY NOW? Read on.

    National call to action:

    The Wall Street Journal just reported on a leaked proposal that confirms our worst fears despite receiving nearly 4 million public comments calling for strong net neutrality, the FCC is still hurtling toward a FAKE proposal that leaves the door wide open for Cable company censorship and abuse of the Internet.

    We need a massive response RIGHT NOW to show President Obama, the FCC, and the world that the Internet will accept nothing less than lasting net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

    On November 6th, we will gather at the White House and government buildings nationwide and hold our cell phones, candles, and flashlights up to shine light on the corruption that is unfolding in Washington, DC, and demand a free and uncensored Internet for all.

    Sponsored by Fight For The Future and the Massachusetts Pirate Party

    Contact with questions.

    Rally for Peace in Iraq & Syria – Nov 15th

    (from Michael B)

    When: Saturday, November 15, 2014, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    Where: Park Street MBTA Station * Park St & Tremont St * Boston

    Rally and march to Downtown Crossing with a mock drone and die-in.

    • No more military intervention in Iraq and Syria
    • Bring the troops home now
    • Stop sending weapons into the region which are leading to so much bloodshed
    • Support humanitarian aid, through neutral institutions, for victims of the conflict
    • Support self-determination and the demilitarization of the area

    Our leaders promise us that these new wars will last for years. But over the past 13 years, this country has spent one trillion, five hundred billion dollars for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other parts of the Middle East and South Asia. These military actions have brought hundreds of thousands of deaths, but neither peace nor security. Meanwhile, these hundreds of billions of dollars could have been used instead to provide for jobs and human needs.

    The current campaign to sell this war has everything to do with securing the control of the area by repressive governments and sectarian militias allied with Washington. The current bombing campaign is a violation of the U.N. Charter and the U.S. constitution. In its sweep through Syria and Iraq, ISIS is using modern U.S. weapons that were sent into the region during previous military actions in order to stabilize a corrupt and brutal regime in Baghdad and to overthrow Syria’s government.

    Is bombing an answer to these sectarian conflicts? Do these actions reflect the interests of most people in the U.S. or the peoples of the Middle East? We should not get further involved militarily in this campaign in support of a sectarian conflict in the Middle East that the war in Iraq set off. Rather, we should be supporting a policy of non-intervention and self-determination. Any real and lasting solution to the problems in the region must come from the peoples of that region themselves, not from the Pentagon.

    Call Congress at (202) 224-3121 and say: “I want Congress to reconvene immediately to fully debate a new “Authorization for Use of Military Force” (AUMF) that deals with Syria, Iraq, and ISIS. And when the vote comes, I want you to vote no.”

    For more info or to help organize: United for Justice with Peace, 617-383-4857,

    If Your Neighbor Had Ebola

    ….you would beg the US government to nationalize the healthcare industry.  Why wait until it’s too late?


    An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care.


    Why wait till the captains of industry make the same kind of obscene profits from Ebola that they made from the AIDS epidemic?Greed is a disease that can be stopped. Let’s make Ebola the cure.




    Prevention is the best medicine, but there’s no profit in it.  No one can quantify how many fewer people got sick because they were taught the basics of disease transmission or went to a stress reduction class or didn’t get pregnant. And it wouldn’t matter anyway. In America, the cash register doesn’t ring unless someone is sick or afraid of getting sick.


    The best healthcare systems in the world are socialist systems. Our capitalist healthcare system is barely able to distribute flu vaccines—what would happen if we were to be hit by a major epidemic? More forms, more lines, more rationing, even less compassion?


    If Your Neighbor Had Ebola


    “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these” Mark 12:32


    Now, when a truly excellent healthcare system would be gearing up to prevent the spread of an awful disease, the true leaders of our healthcare system are estimating how much they are going to make off of this little problem and trying to take our mind off the problem. My money says the media’s preoccupation with sexual violence is a diversion tactic meant to take our attention off of how very unready we are for an epidemic.


    Even those already isolated in their shiny towers and gated communities must breathe air and drink water. In the global age, we all truly belong to the same tribe. Today’s epidemic is not transmitted by insects, but what about tomorrows? What guard or fence can stop a mosquito and what horror will the 1% unleash trying to stop it?


    If Your Neighbor Had Ebola


    Would you want a doctor in a hazmat suit to verify coverage before taking your sick brethren to the hospital, clinic, homeless shelter…or nowhere at all?




    Now, before it’s too late.

    Bringing Flood Wall Street to Boston

    (from act-ma)

    As part of a beautiful group of folks who worked together at the Flood Wall Street event in NYC the day following the People’s Climate March, we are trying to facilitate a climate direct action network around boston. We have two events planned, with the aim is to bring together some of the different folks who have participated in past actions (XL Dissent, KXL pledge, Brayton Point, Salem, transcanada, pipelines) and who might want to participate in more. We are also trying to reach folks who may not have participated in direct action but who would like to (and there are many many non-arrestable roles and non-civil disobedience actions we could take). We all know we have tremendous power in Boston. We hope to work with others to create a culture of empowerment, where folks are empowered to step up, plan, and carry out empowering, effective, and principled actions. We believe in the power of decentralized but coordinated actions, so here’s to getting that going locally, and to seeing you all!

    Sunday Oct. 19th, 1:00-3:30PM, MIT building 56 room 154. facebook:

    Wed. Oct. 22 6:30-9:00 PM, Lucy Parsons Center, 358A Centre St., Boston. facebook:

    Halloween Party @ Dewey Square

    What’s October 31st? Halloween, of course! More specifically, it’s the third Halloween since a group of activists occupied Dewey Square, insisting that “Another World is Possible”.

    Let’s have a Halloween party. Federal Reserve Plaza/Dewey Square, Friday Oct 31st, 3-5pm, or until otherwise evicted. Costumes and coordinated die-ins optional, willingness to stand up for the 99% required.

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston