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  • Close Guantanamo rally April 8

    We will be rallying to close Guantanamo on Saturday, April 8 from 1 to 2 at Park Street Station on the Boston Common.

    Forty one prisoners are left at Guantanamo, including 5 who have been cleared for release.

    Trump has been talking about adding more prisoners. This is the opposite of what needs to happen.

    Join us to raise the call to get rid of this center of indefinite detention and torture which is a stain on our reputation.

    This demo is organized by the Committee for Peace and Human Rights and the Center for International Labor Defense.

    For more info, contact Susan McLucas, (617) 776-6524, SusanBMcL(AT)

    Ellen Brown of Public Banking Institute to speak in Boston on 3/31

    Ellen Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute and author of The Public Banking Solution and Web of Debt, will be speaking here in Boston on Friday, March 31, at Encuentro 5, 9 Hamilton Place.

    Doors open at 5:30 and the talk begins at 5:45. The talk is free and everyone is welcome. Come hear about the advantages of public banking, from the Bank of North Dakota here in the US, to public banks around the world. Ellen will discuss how the privatized creation of money draws us into an endless cycle of debt, and how public banking offers not only a more sustainable foundation for “common wealth,” but could also address issues with infrastructure and protect us against the next recession.

    There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, and to learn more about legislation for a public infrastructure bank here in Massachusetts.

    For more information, email bclancy122(AT) or call 978-760-4123.

    Encuentro 5 is not wheelchair accessible. Hamilton Place is off Tremont Street, close to Park Street Station on the Red and Green lines.

    Learn how to annoy legislators for freedom

    The Massachusetts Legislature has thousands of bills to consider. Yet, most bills never even have a committee vote, never mind get to a floor vote. The power of the leadership of the legislature is extreme and it isn’t democratic. The legislature doesn’t work the way you were taught in your high school civics textbooks.

    This Friday, March 24, Alex Marthews, National Director of Restore the 4th, will talk about how the Massachusetts legislature really works and how we can hack it to get our bills further.

    It will be from 3-5pm at Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston. Encuentro 5 is within easy walking distance of the Park St. MBTA stop. Hope you can make it.

    Sponsored by the Massachusetts Pirate Party ( Many thanks to Encuentro 5 ( for hosting it.

    Ask Mass STATE LEGISLATORS to CO-SPONSOR and support HD2350, to reduce Out-Of-State money in our elections

    Please ASK STATE LEGISLATORS to CO-SPONSOR and support HD2350 to reduce Out-Of-State money in our elections!

    HD 2350: An Act limiting campaign contributions from outside the Commonwealth, sponsored by Representative Mike Connolly, has been released from House Counsel. It deals with limiting contributions from non-residents of MA on State, County and Municipal elections, along with ballot initiatives.

    Please write/share with your friends!

    Find Legislators contact info here:

    Letters sent to the House Clerk by March 27th, requesting to be included as a petitioner, will be filed with the original legislation.

    Voter Choice MA
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    We are in a crisis. A crisis of abundance. We’ve grown to 2,100 members, and over 600 of them want to volunteer. We have way more people to activate than we can possibly handle — so we need to scale up! Can you help?

    We’re hosting two great events this Saturday at our downtown headquarters. For those who are new to Ranked Choice Voting [video] and our statewide movement, there is a new member orientation at 11AM. Afterward we will conduct a high-energy volunteer activation push to welcome in the remainder of our 600 volunteer-ready members and continue to feed the impressive growth spiral of RCV advocacy in Massachusetts. Yes, it’s tough being the second most active statewide RCV movement in the nation. (First place goes to Maine and their historic statewide victory last year).

    Join us this Saturday

    Volunteer Orientation. Saturday March 25, 11am-1pm, Voter Choice MA HQ, 14 Beacon Street, #604, Boston, MA. Dial #78 at the door. Contact Facebook event:

    Activate our Members! calling, texting, emailing, FB’ing. Saturday March 251-5pm, 14 Beacon Street, #604, Boston, MA. Dial #78 at the door. RSVP to lead: Patrick Sadlon or click here:
    Lots of help needed + bring your computer if you have one. Can also be done remotely, in your free time.

    Focus, Discipline, Work Ethic

    We started this movement in November with 250 supporters. Our leaders and members — all volunteer, mind you — focused on three critical areas: people, money, and strategy. We are now seeing the fruits of this focus, discipline, and work ethic. Our membership has grown to nearly ten times in less than four months, thanks to YOUR outreach at events. We’ve reached our $20,000 fund-raising goal on our own, thanks to YOUR individual donations combined with FairVote‘s 1-to-1 match. We have an RCV local option bill in the state house with 31 co-sponsors, a very strong start. We are in active talks with potential coalition partners to ensure we cultivate a broad base of grassroots support. All thanks to our leaders and members.

    We need your help to feed the RCV growth spiral

    Yes, we’ve accomplished so much in so little time. But we don’t succeed by kicking back and being proud of ourselves. If we want to have a shot at instituting Ranked Choice Voting in Massachusetts, we need to continue to grow our capacity — and that means bringing on more people and money.

    If you, like thousands of us, see the transformative power of RCV, then there are a few key things you can do right now:

    • Attend our events this Saturday (see above or click here).
    • Attend our next monthly strategy/work meeting on Wednesday, April 12 at 7PM – at 50 Milk St, Boston, MA – 1st Floor “Anchor” room.
    • Make a generous contribution of funds to enable the polling and staffing we need now.
    • Join an action team — especially Event Outreach and Fundraising.
    • Step up to leadership: we have urgent needs in our Social Media team and Allies team. (To apply, just reply to this email.)
    • Read our New Members Guide for more ways to help.

    You are what makes this movement possible. Let’s keep growing!

    Adam Friedman
    Executive Director
    Voter Choice Massachusetts

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    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston