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    Friday 11/14 8 PM: Stop Insomnia’s Union-Busting, Homophobia, Sexual Harassment!


    IWW Organizer and Insomnia Cookies employee Colin complained of homophobic slurs, sexual harassment of a co-worker, and denial of break time by his manager.* The next day he was confronted by the boss, who asked “So it’s a problem for you when I say the word f*gg*t?” and told him to quit if he didn’t like the conditions. Colin was later fired on flimsy pretexts. No action was taken by the company against the manager. Join members of the Industrial Workers of the World as we picket to demand Colin be reinstated with full back-pay!

    We’ll meet at Insomnia Cookies’ Boston location, 708 Comm Ave (BU East stop on the MBTA’s Green Line B train), starting at 8 pm. The Facebook event is here:

    *This is the email protest originally sent by Colin to Insomnia’s Regional Manager (warning: the boss’ comments are very offensive):

    Dear Patrick,

    I work at the Harvard location of Insomnia and am appalled by Josh’s behavior. He pops handfuls of [Vicodin] where employees and customers can see…This has led to…comments which are VERY inappropriate for work…

    If a driver is listening to to headphones and cannot hear he’ll say “You’re gay” or “Don’t speak if your the gayest man in the world” as [if] that is a joke, and looks to the others to laugh.

    He said once “When you’re not sucking dick 90% of the time you’re swallowing loads”

    Last [Wednesday] when I came in at 6 pm, he spent 20 minutes talking about rectal examinations of chickens to inspect eggs and called Billy (a driver there) a “chicken fucker” I then noticed two orders that were due at 5:30pm. He then interrogated Jahnay as to why they were late.

    He told a female worker to “pretend you’re flirting with the customer.”

    He is also [threatening] to fire everyone and trying to instill fear in everyone and has denied me a 30min unpaid break when I work for 9 HOURS. NINE HOURS.

    I wish to be kept anonymous so as to not face retaliation, but also want Insomnia to be a good workplace that is not hostile or homophobic.

    Thank You,

    Fukushima in our Back Yard

    Join us to Close Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant NOW

    Dear Friends,

    On this journey we are on, no passengers: only crew and we need all hands on deck now. On Behalf of Planet Earth is partnering now with
    Capedownwinders, to close Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant now. (Official name is Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.)

    There is no safe dose of radiation. We are all downwinders.

    Please, come to a meeting on Sunday, November 16 at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, 7:30PM-9PM, 45 Mt. Auburn Street. Hear what we are planning to do to close Pilgrim now and come with your ideas and bring friends. Members from Capedownwinders will talk to us at the meeting. WE NEED YOU NOW. Here are directions to the Democracy Center:

    We will be vigiling weekly at Senator Markey’s office, located in the JFK Building, 15 New Sudbury Street. We had a cordial meeting with an aide recently to ask the Senator to make a public statement that we must close Pilgrim now. And also to make a public statement about Fukushima. We are planning to meet with the entire MA congressional delegation to ask them to do the same. We have already contacted Rep. Michael Capuano’s office and Rep. Joe Kennedy is next on our list. After that, we will meet with local state representatives and senators.

    Vigils will be weekly on Thursdays, 8:45AM-9:15AM. We will have signs and bring your own. FIRST VIGIL IS THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 2015 AT SENATOR MARKEY’S OFFICE.

    It is a short walk from Park Street Station to the JFK Bldg. office. (Government Center T stop closed) Walk down Tremont Street, toward Government Center and you are there. It is a high rise building, on the right hand side as you walk down Tremont, right next to government plaza.

    The Pilgrim nuclear reactor is the same design as Fukushima Diachii in Japan, where a meltdown of three of the plant’s six nuclear reactors occurred on March 11, 2011. Very large amounts of radioactive material continue to be released from the plant, including 300 tons of radioactive water/day into the Pacific Ocean. Pilgrim is also a General Electric Mark 1 design, a boiling water reactor (BWR). One of every eight Mark 1 reactors have exploded and released massive radioactive contamination into our environment.There is no safe dose of radiation. There are over 75 thousand people within 10 miles of Pilgrim and nearly five million within 50 miles.

    Nuclear waste contains some of the most toxic substances known to humankind and there is no place to put it. It is said to last at least 200,000 years. Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and out way more than seven generations. Here is a fact sheet by Beyond Nuclear, about nuclear power and children

    Here is a fact sheet by Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)”Nuclear Power and Climate: Why Nukes Can’t Save the Planet”

    On April 7, 2014, Dr. Richard Clapp, Professor Emeritus of Boston University, School of Public Health, wrote to Diane Turco, co-founder of Cape Downwinders that “…when I was Director of the Massachusetts Cancer Registry in the 1980’s, we noted that the incidence of leukemia in Plymouth and surrounding towns was significantly higher than the state average rate. Although less frequent than leukemia, we also noted that thyroid cancer was elevated above the state average in these same towns. These findings were consistent with documented radiation releases from the plant in the early to mid-1970s. As the result of these statistical excesses, a formal case-control study of leukemia in Southeastern Massachusetts was conducted by the Department of Public Health ….The results of this study, published in a peer-reviewed scientific article in 1996, were that there was a nearly four-fold excess of leukemia in those who lived or worked near the Pilgrim plant. More recent cancer statistics form the Massachusetts Cancer Registry indicate that there was a continuing excess of leukemia in Plymouth through the years 2000-2009.”

    We will also be in communication with Massachusetts Peace Action about this work.

    Any questions and/or for more info contact sheilaruthparks AT comcast. net or call 617 744 6020


    We are looking forward to seeing you there and working together to close Pilgrim now,

    For On Behalf of Planet Earth: Sheila Parks, Cornelia Sullivan, Jean Miller, Joe Kebartas, Pat Ferrone, Eric Zinman

    Sheila Parks, Ed.D. On Behalf of Planet Earth Watertown, MA 617 744 6020

    Low wage workers organizing: The fight for $15 and a Union


    Millions of workers in Massachusetts work hard yet can’t make ends meet. While their corporations are making billions in profits, their CEOs are making millions in salaries, the workers are making a poverty wage.

    Hear their stories and how they took action to win raises for themselves and their co-workers.

    The panel discussion will include a worker from:

    A fast food worker involved in the Fight For 15 in Boston.

    A union instructor in the mental health care field from LifeLinks that went on a 2 day strike and won all their demands this summer.

    A worker from the OurWalmart campaign.

    There will be pizza and soda at 6:30 and the meeting will start at 7.

    (The Facebook event lists the time and location as Monday, November 10 at 6:30pm – 8:45pm, Thomas Crane Public Library 40 Washington St, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169.)

    Sunday Nov 9 Flood Boston Meeting at 4pm at E5


    Hi Friends,

    You are invited to the next meeting of the Boston Climate Direct Action Network (also known as Flood Boston) is this Sunday the 9th at 4PM at Encuentro 5, 9 Hamilton Pl, Suite 2A, Boston. The goals of this meeting are to work towards a spokes council of affinity groups and start figuring out actions we want to pursue. Hope you can come and please invite others in your networks

    As part of a beautiful group of folks who worked together at the Flood Wall Street action in NYC the day following the People’s Climate March, we are trying to facilitate a climate direct action network around boston.

    The aim is to bring together some of the different folks who have participated in actions (XL Dissent, KXL pledge, Brayton Point, Salem, transcanada, pipelines, statehouse actions, state and university divestment) and who might want to participate in more. We are also trying to reach folks who may not have participated in direct action but who would like to (and there are many many non-arrestable roles and non-civil disobedience actions we could take). We all know we have tremendous power in Boston. We hope to work with others to create a culture of empowerment, where folks are able and encouraged to step up, plan, and carry out empowering, effective, and principled actions. We believe in the power of decentralized but coordinated actions, so that’s what we’re trying to facilitate.

    For those who know any of the social movement literature we are trying to take lessons from frances fox pivens work and disrupt business as usual. To do that, we need real relationships, working towards the beloved community, but not an insular group of friends. If this interests you in the least, PLEASE try to come. If you can’t, PLEASE get in touch!

    Feel free to be in touch with me if you would like to learn more or get on our contact list! And if you can, show up this Sunday!


    EMERGENCY PROTEST: Boston vigil to save the Internet


    WHAT: Emergency protest and vigil to save net neutrality, the principle that protects free speech on the Internet.

    WHEN: Thursday, November 6th, 6pm

    WHERE: Gather in front of the MA State House near Boston Common.

    BRING: A cell phone, flashlight, glowstick, or candle, to shine light on the corruption unfolding in our government.

    WHY NOW? Read on.

    National call to action:

    The Wall Street Journal just reported on a leaked proposal that confirms our worst fears despite receiving nearly 4 million public comments calling for strong net neutrality, the FCC is still hurtling toward a FAKE proposal that leaves the door wide open for Cable company censorship and abuse of the Internet.

    We need a massive response RIGHT NOW to show President Obama, the FCC, and the world that the Internet will accept nothing less than lasting net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

    On November 6th, we will gather at the White House and government buildings nationwide and hold our cell phones, candles, and flashlights up to shine light on the corruption that is unfolding in Washington, DC, and demand a free and uncensored Internet for all.

    Sponsored by Fight For The Future and the Massachusetts Pirate Party

    Contact with questions.

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston