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    Brown / Garner march, Davis Sq., 5pm today

    “As a response to the recent non-indictment of the officers responsible for
    the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we are organizing a MARCH OF
    STUDENTS TO DAVIS SQUARE As part of a larger national movement and
    expression of anger, pain, frustration, mourning, and healing, protesters
    will gather and disrupt ‘business as usual’. We intend to disrupt the
    continuing of daily lives as the continuity of Black lives are disrupted
    every 28 hours.”

    Details at:

    Countering the Threat of Nuclear Disaster from Pilgrim Power Plant


    Come to the Dec. 8 organizing meeting to address the real dangers of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, MA


    • Boston is only 34 miles from Pilgrim, and subject to nuclear contamination in case of radioactive release at Pilgrim.
    • Pilgrim’s G.E. Mark 1 design is the same as Fukushima’s
    • Its highly radioactive spent fuel pool is not inside the reinforced containment structure, and hence is vulnerable to accident, or attack by air.
    • In case of nuclear contamination, home insurance pays NOTHING.
    • In case of nuclear evacuation, the Sagamore and Bourne bridges will immediately CLOSE, to allow Plymouth residents to escape — but trapping Cape residents, who will have no escape.

    Come to hear Diane Turco of Cape Downwinders explain the real threats to the Boston area, and the successful political actions by Cape Cod organizations.

    Diane was one of the Four Cape Cod Grandmothers who performed an act of civil resistance on Mothers’ Day 2014.

    With the experience of the Cape Codders and the numbers of the Bostonians, we have a much better chance for a future safe from nuclear disaster and the need to abandon our homes.

    Organizing Meeting:
    Monday, Dec. 8, 7-9 PM
    Massachusetts Peace Action
    First Church in Cambridge, Hastings Room
    11 Garden St., Cambridge
    (Near Harvard Square)

    Smoking Ban Hearing (Dec 15)

    (from rnicosa)

    5:30 p.m., Monday, December 15
    The Cambridge City Council will consider and probably vote on prohibiting: Smoking in all Cambridge public parks and in all seating areas adjacent to restaurants

    These restrictions don’t promote health, they only punish smokers, many of whom are poor or mentally disabled. This is class warfare. Please attend this public meeting where anyone can speak and help us oppose smoker apartheid!

    Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
    Henrietta S. Attles Meeting Room
    459 Broadway, Cambridge

    (Update: the date of the hearing was changed from Dec 8th to Dec 15th).

    11/24 PACK THE COURT – JURY TRIAL STARTS – Drop Anti-Union Frame-Up Charges


    Stop Veolia/City Escalating War on USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union

    Drop Outrageous Union Busting Frame-up Charges filed by Boston Police Department (BPD) against Steve Kirschbaum, Chair of the Grievance Committee and a founder of the Local.

    All out for start of jury trial, Monday, Nov 24, 9:00 A.M. Dorchester District Court 510 Washington St Dorchester, MA

    Facebook event page:

    Sign on to the Community/Labor Statement!

    National call-in to drop the charges – Call Suffolk County DA Daniel Conley, 617-619-4000 fax 617-619-4210. Tell him to drop the frame-up, anti-union felony charges against USW 8751 union leader Steve Kirschbaum. Then connect to the call-in day event page at and add a comment describing the response you get.

    Help mobilize, phone bank, distribute! Sun 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. IBEW 2222, 1137 Washington St, Lower Mills (Dorchester), MA 02124

    To volunteer, email schoolbus5(AT)

    download poster/flier:

    Sign on to the Community/Labor Statement!

    Join and donate to the crowdsourcing campaign to support the four fired leaders

    Video of 11/15 demo at Veolia Headquarters in Times Square, NYC:

    Boston School Bus Drivers Union USW 8751 Will Win!

    SATURDAY: Rally: No New U.S. War in Iraq & Syria!


    Join us Saturday Nov 15th

    On Friday, Nov. 7, President Obama doubled down on the war in Iraq and Syria, ordering 1500 more troops on the ground in Iraq and requesting over $5 billion in funding.

    Saturday, Nov 15, 1:00 pm
    Park Street Station, Boston

    Rally and march to Downtown Crossing with a mock drone and die-in

    • Stop the Bombing in Syria and Iraq
    • Bring the troops home now
    • Stop sending weapons into the region which are leading to so much bloodshed
    • Support humanitarian aid, through neutral institutions, for victims of the conflict
    • Support self-determination and the demilitarization of the area

    It appears that Congress is about to give the President authorization to carry out an ever-expanding war in Iraq and Syria.

    Our leaders say that these new wars will last for years. But over the past 13 years, this country has already spent one trillion, five hundred billion dollars for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

    These military actions have brought hundreds of thousands of deaths, but neither peace nor security. Meanwhile, these hundreds of billions of dollars could have been used instead to provide for jobs, human needs and renewable energy.

    The current campaign to sell this war has nothing to do with protecting us or the people of the area. Instead, it is intended to secure control of the area by repressive governments and sectarian militias allied (for the time being) with Washington.

    The current bombing campaign is a violation of the U.N. Charter and the U.S. Constitution. In its sweep through Syria and Iraq, ISIS is using modern U.S. weapons that were previously sent into the region in order to stabilize a corrupt and brutal regime in Baghdad and to overthrow Syria’s government.

    Is bombing an answer to these sectarian conflicts? Do these actions reflect the interests of working people in the U.S. or the peoples of the Middle East?

    We should not be involved militarily in a sectarian conflict that our war in Iraq set off. Rather, we should support a policy of non-intervention and self-determination. Any real and lasting solution to the problems in the region must come from the peoples of that region themselves, not from the Pentagon.

    Call Congress toll-free at 877-429-0678 and say:

    I want you to speak out strongly and to vote against against proposals that authorize use of military force and support for armed groups in Syria and Iraq.

    Save the date for an educational forum on Syria and Iraq featuring Prof. Elaine Hagopian, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 7pm.

    For more info or to help organize: United for Justice with Peace, 617-383-4857,

    Contact us

    Occupy Boston Media <> • <> • @Occupy_Boston