Community Speakout/Teach-in on Police Militarization

(from UJP)

When: Sunday, May 4, 2014, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Where: 197A Humboldt Ave, Boston

This weekend, May 3-4, police from all over the Boston area will gather to hold trainings called “Urban Shield.” Though the city of Boston is framing it as an “emergency preparedness” drill, regional police forces will also be training in military tactics, including home raids, surveillance, and the use of military weapons.

On May 4th, STop Oppressive Militarized Police (STOMP) will host our own gathering and community speak out to bring together affected communities, share our experiences, and lay the groundwork for a city-wide movement that crosses neighborhood, color, and religious lines. We will say with one voice: Close the “gang” intelligence fusion centers! Stop the militarization of the police!

Join us in sharing your story and building power to roll back militarism at home and beyond!

Confirmed speakers:

  • Andrea James – Families for Justice as Healing
  • Laila Murad – Free Tarek Mehanna Campaign
  • KC Mackey – Black and Pink
  • Kade Crockford – ACLU Massachusetts
  • Gabriel Camacho – American Friends Service Committee
  • Ali Issa – War Resisters League, Facing Tear Gas Campaign

Cosponsors: ACLU of Massachusetts, Black and Pink, Boston Feminists for Liberation, Dorchester People for Peace, Families for Justice as Healing, International Socialist Organization – Boston, War Resisters League – Facing Tear Gas Campaign, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment, Youth Against Mass Incarceration/

United for Justice with Peace is a coalition of peace and justice organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social and economic justice.